The Issues

Why shouldnt the  Drinking age be 21?

Take a look below for some of our main views: 
At 18 you can serve our country why cant we serve you a beer?

18 is literally the legal age to do pretty much everything else including go to war is it right that men and women serve our country but cannot  drink?

This area shows commonly thought statements and the true facts associated  with lowering  the drinking age to 18  Take a look! 

What WeSay:

What  People Say:


"It will Cause more drunk drivers"
There are  actually fewer drunk driving traffic accidents and fatalities in many countries with a drinking age of 18 and  in the approximately 20 years the drinking age has been 21 The decrease in drunk driving fatalities as a percentage of total traffic fatalities in the United States does not correlate  with the age being 21
They believe that lowering the  drinking age will cause more drunk drivers on the  road

You Decide:

"Alcohol before 21 hurts brain development"
The US is one of only  four  nations  where the  drinking age is 21 or  higher  in fact in these countries the standard is 18 for hard liquor and 16 for beer. There has been  no proof in the hundreds of other nations that it has affected their millions of citizens .
Many people believe the brain is  not  fully  developed  till  after  21 and therefeore the drinking age should not  be lowered.


"Teens Do it Anyway"
Many people believe that we shouldnt have to lower it because in essence they all do it anyway
lThis is actually true teens  do it  anyway BUT this should be a reason TO CHANGE THE LAW  if this became legalized  people 18 years and older would have a safer environment  to  drink instead of women going to house parties of men they barely know  this  would  also reduce alcohol-related fatalities as they would be more willing to report an incident  knowing that they would not get in trouble for just having alcoho.l


"It hurts businesses" 
Lowering the drinking age would be good for the economy.M ore people would legally be able to drink in bars, restaurants, and other licensed establishments. Revenue would increase for private business owners, and greater amounts of tax revenue would be collected by the government This would also be the  case for  Farms, Bottlers,  Taxi services and  further and further  trickling down the  economy.
People believe lowering the  drinking age hurts the Economy.